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Advanced Inventory System 3.2




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System updated to version 3.2 see below for a complete list of changes.

Welcome to Advanced Inventory System 3.2. I'm constantly working on this system to make to better and more efficient for the user. With this system you can easily add shops, chests, crafting and inventories to your game. The custom editors make it easy to set every thing up and build your game faster. Version 3.2 includes a redesigned inventory system that allows items to take up more than one slot in the players inventory. See the features list for more details. I also improved upon the bags allowing them to contain other bags essentially creating a limitless storage of items.

Features include :

  • Grid Style Inventory System(Items can take up more than one cell)
  • Equipment System
  • Basic Stats System
  • Crafting
  • Shops
  • Chests
  • Autobuild for item prefabs at the click of a button
  • Extendable via plugins
  • 3D item preview in inventory(Pro Only)
  • Bags
  • Improvements to the item and gamecontroller
  • Many performance optimizations made to the inventory system.
  • Source Code Included


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